65 Mile Road Trip

A beer and the release campaign that sent two breweries on a wild ride.
Package Design
Experience Design
65 Mile Road Trip 6 Pack Beer Label Package Design
65 Mile Road Trip 6 Pack Beer Label Top Secret Marketing Print Design

Top Secret Briefing

The first of many classified meetings took place in a dusty corner of the brewery in Buffalo, NY. These kickoff meetings brought everyone from both breweries together, to work out the unique challenges we were to encounter throughout the campaign. Although the breweries are separated by miles of strategy, both were successful on their journey to grow their customer base and presence within the beer community.

Early in the process 12 Gates became the point brewery for the campaign, their user data and campaign roll out will be the focus here.

The Objective:
Create a campaign centered around a new beer ahead of the release event.

Project goals:
Design a beer label for 65 Mile Road Trip.
Drive consumers to attend the release event at the brewery.
Increase website and social media traffic.
Increase newsletter subscribers.
Pre- Campaign User Data
  • Facebook followers: 11,743
  • Facebook reach: 6,267
  • Instagram followers: 7,421
  • Instagram reach: 1,486
  • Newsletter subscribers: 3,892

The Label

We begin with the label design which will anchor the campaign. During the initial discovery meeting, we found that both brewers grew up going on trips to the Appalachian mountains.  Embracing their shared memories was the deep connection between both brewers: and thus the label creative was born.

After and initial concept design set fell short of embracing the brewers shared connection of adventure in the mountains, we began to uncover stories of UFO phenomena from up and down the Appalachian range. We began to develop a series of labels that leaned into those stories, and would build the tension of the unknown that lurks in the shadows of the mountains.
65 Mile Road Trip 6 Pack Beer Label Package Design Label
65 Mile Road Trip 6 Pack Beer Label Package Design Canning Line
65 Mile Road Trip Beer Label Design Packaging

Strategy From Creative

The strategy for the campaign was staged, where each stage had a unique timeline and specific goals aimed at building awareness for the new beer and ultimately the release event. Each brewery would leverage any connections previously established with local influencers, vendors and members of the print and news media.

To unroll the campaign, the local influencers were given vaguely branded content to be released in conjunction with one another that would lay the foundation for the broader content strategy. Shortly thereafter, urban marketing tactics were used in predetermined areas within both respective cities - adjacent to other breweries, grocery and convenient stores, at craft beer retailers and other spaces deemed applicable based on the over lap of each brewery’s consumer audience. Stickers, posters, flyers, power washed sidewalk and pavement blocks were used during this phase.

The next stage of the strategy would leverage the following already amassed and use video content to do the heavy lifting. Videos of mock interviews from individuals that had witnessed or worked on secret UFO technology with hints to beer and the brewing community would be made to leave clues for those extremely well versed in the industry and brewing process. As additional content is needed, interviews were to be narrated over UFO sighting videos to further embrace the creative direction.

To finalize the content release strategy, a mock press conference with select staff from each brewery would be recorded to officially announce the existence of the new beer. Taking a page from the vehicle and racing industry new car reveals, a 6 pack of the new beer would be unveiled from beneath a silk sheet. Members of the “media” would be free to ask questions and lead the brewery team into providing information about the release event and giveaway contests.

Urban Marketing

As part of the second wave of content strategy, the urban marketing consisted of strategically placed stickers, posters, flyers, power washed sidewalk and pavement blocks. The first round of content would be intentionally nondescript, inviting consumers to scan QR codes that would lead the user directly to specific influencer accounts or custom landing pages of the content previously released.

The final stage of the urban marketing coincided with the final stage of the strategy. This placed an emphasis on providing additional context within each piece of creative. When users scanned these QR codes, they were directed to specific landing pages dedicated to the release event and the giveaway contests. Here they were encouraged to subscribe to the brewery’s newsletter for an opportunity to win other free gifts, purchase branded merch and stay up to date with the brewery’s future events.
65 Mile Road Trip 6 Pack Beer Label A Frame Sign Free Merch QR Sign Up
65 Mile Road Trip 6 Pack Beer Label Poster Marketing Print Design Wall Mural
65 Mile Road Trip 6 Pack Beer Label Poster Marketing Print Design
65 Mile Road Trip 6 Pack Beer Label Sticker Decal Marketing Print Design

The Merch

65 Mile Road Trip Beer Label Koozie Drink Holder
65 Mile Road Trip Beer Label Skateboard Graphic
65 Mile Road Trip Beer Label Vinyl Sticker Decal
65 Mile Road Trip Beer Label Coaster
65 Mile Road Trip 6 Pack Beer Label Poster Marketing Print Design
65 Mile Road Trip 6 Pack Beer Label Apparel Design T shirt

The Impact

The campaign increased web traffic by 86% throughout its entire life span, along with significant increases in social media reach and newsletter subscribers. The data gathered during the survey and giveaway registration is used to better understand the consumer base and set the foundation for future marketing campaigns and better inform each brewery of the evolving palette of their consumers.

All growth was organic, zero paid ads or impressions were utilized.
Post Campaign User Data
  • Facebook followers: 13,283
  • Facebook reach: 9,678
  • Instagram followers: 7,737
  • Instagram reach: 2,027
  • Newsletter subscribers: 4,470
Data Differences
  • Facebook followers: 1,540  |  + 13%
  • Facebook reach: 3,411  |  + 54%
  • Instagram followers: 316  |  + 4%
  • Instagram reach: 541  |  + 36%
  • Newsletter subscribers: 578  |  + 14%