Rooted in a shared commitment to a greener tomorrow, the Grovestead aims to cultivate a sustainable community bond revolving around sustainable farming practices. Grovestead serves as an example that effective projects can blossom without the need for elaborate long-term strategies and extensive campaigns.
Brand Identity Design
Grovestead Logo Braised Burned Branded on Wood Barrel

The Icon

Emerging from the spark that laid the groundwork for Grovestead, the icon is rooted in a moment captured when the owner cycling with his daughter on his back, delivered the very first basket of vegetables. This image has become the backbone of the brand, symbolizing the very essence of family, food and a better connected community.
Grovestead Icon Logo
Grovestead Color Palette Swatches

color palette

Focused on the gentle tones of emerging growth and the eventual bounty of harvest, the color palette weaves a connection through the beauty of nature. This interplay of colors symbolizes the thriving community, its organic evolution and wholesome intent.


The choice of type establishes a direct link to the mission, blending the attention to detail needed to maintain a small farmstead with the organic growth provided by nature.

New Farm exudes a soft openness that invites connection while showing the strength needed to persevere through the trials of farming.

Emily Austin mirrors the free-form and organic growth found in nature and helps to bring back the humanity aspect of farming which is often missed today.
Grovestead Branding Typography Font Typeface
Grovestead Icon Logo Alternate

Alternate Logos

From branded barrels and crates to packaging and apparel applications, a wide variety of alternate logos were developed for Grovestead. These are used as the brand explores new farming practices, delivery methods and aims to cover the long term goals of the brand and the growth of the farmstead.
Grovestead Icon Logo Alternate Full Suite

Pocket Brand Guide

Designed as a quick reference, the pocket brand guide equips the team at Grovestead with a concise set of standards to uphold brand consistency as the efforts and community at large continue to grow.
Grovestead Mini Brand Guide
Grovestead Branding Apparel Polo Shirt Farmers Market

Brand & Package Design

Utilizing both the primary and alternate logos, the brand design was explored over a variety of applications. Initially dedicated to a small run of apparel and simple vehicle wraps, the sphere was then expanded to include packaging applications and print design. This includes flexible label design for boxes and crates, cans and bottles, and menus and signage.
Grovestead Truck Graphics Vehicle Wrap Livery
Grovestead Branding Apparel Panel Hat Farmers Market
Grovestead Branding Apparel Pocket T Shirt Farmers Market
Grovestead Logo Branding Jar Label Jams and Jellies
Grovestead Logo Branding Jar Label
Grovestead Logo Braised Burned Branded on Boxes
Grovestead Logo Braised Burned Branded on Boxes
Grovestead Logo Signage Branding Wall Art Bricks